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Clear and coherent comms

Your reach is big but the chances of inconsistent communications are potentially bigger. Share assets and give your teams the tools they need, while having complete visibility and staying in control of content.

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The social glue

It’s no easy task to get everyone singing from the same social sheet when you’re a collective of local branches. ContentCal gets everyone talking to each other and puts all your content in one place so you can push, pull, approve, share, inspire, and report across the board.

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Encourage creativity

Give your teams the tools they need to create inspiring and relevant content

Maintain control

Manage access and permission levels for control and visibility across the board

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Keep it central

Create approved and relevant content in one place that everyone can access

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Our biggest achievement using ContentCal is time-saving. We can also get more of the team easily involved in content creation using approval processes.

Chloe Lovell, Gravity Force
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Push and Pull content

Share messages across all your social accounts with one click from the central calendar

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Generate ideas

Gather ideas and input from across the business with the ‘Contributions’ feature

Analyze and report

Report at a local, central, and national level and share best practice

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