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Agencies, we feel you

Having started life as an agency, we know that the planning struggle is real. Our mission is to take the pain away by developing tools and solutions that are simple, inclusive, and intuitive.

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Hello big picture

When we say big picture we mean all your campaigns, emails, client calendars, feedback, ideation, assets, briefs. It’s multi-channel, multi-client, multi-joyful content management solutions for you and your clients.

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Approvals and comments

Smooth out your client comms and approval workflows

Content planning and ideation

A visual calendar and planning features that stimulate creativity

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Invite your clients to share their ideas and give feedback in one central hub

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After first showing my clients ContentCal, they immediately ‘got it’. They loved the ability to see what was happening and contribute content if they so wished.

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Multiple Calendar Management

One account and multiple client calendars so no-one slips through the net

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Store asset, media, and briefs

Keep everything tucked away in handy and accessible campaign folders

More than Social

Make your entire content plan accessible with Custom Planning Channels

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