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Built in-line with agency workflows

ContentCal was created in response to the need for keeping clients involved in the content and campaign creation process - without giving away control - and being able to show real-time results.

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Creative client management

Keeping your clients looped into campaign and content development, while still meeting deadlines and avoiding bottlenecks, is one of the challenges ContentCal was designed to solve. Each client can be added to their own calendar, letting them add comments, ask questions and approve copy - while you remain completely in control.

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Asset management and content storage

Keep all your media assets, images and content in one easy to access location

Content planning and ideation

From concept, to creation all campaigns can be managed, scheduled and published within the platform

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Invite clients and their customers, as well as your wider team to share ideas and give feedback

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After showing my clients ContentCal, they immediately ‘got it’. They love the ability to see what’s happening and contribute content

Karina Scott, Girl About Social
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