Respond Beta

Plain sailing social media monitoring

Brands and businesses with an active social media presence have the opportunity to interact with their target market in a space that’s familiar and comfortable.

Being able to monitor your social media messages and respond in a timely manner not only means that your social presence is giving value to your audience, but will also make a huge difference when it comes to strengthening customer loyalty and encouraging future interactions.

✅ Now: Twitter

⏰ Soon: Facebook

💬 Reply (Beta)

Reply to messages from social media

It can be tough keeping on top of your social media activity. Thanks to Respond, you can keep an eye on your Tweets and Twitter Direct Messages without needing to leave ContentCal. Never miss a beat, and reply to your audience post haste. Facebook Messages are coming soon.

⭐ Team inbox for all messages

⭐ Close resolved messages

⭐ Like and retweet (for Tweets only)

⭐ View profiles

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30% of customers will go to your competition if they don't receive a response from you via social media

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90% of social media users have used their social media account to talk to a brand in the past

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70% of people who have a positive customer experience will recommend the brand later on

📩 Assign (Coming soon)

Assign conversations to team members

Always give the best possible answer by assigning conversations to the most appropriate member of your team. Discuss messages with your colleagues using internal notes and ensure your brand is consistently giving high quality informative responses.

⭐ Assign messages to team members

⭐ Personal inbox for messages assigned to you

⭐ Write internal notes

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Slow response rates can lead to a 15% increase in churn

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1 in 3 social media users prefer to chat to a brand via social media

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Customers spend 20% - 40% more money on companies they've spoken to on social media

📎 Organise (coming soon)

Separate your chats into relevant categories

Label your messages by topic and sort them into corresponding folders. Manage priorities by marking messages as spam, or highlighting as high priority. Store previous and on-going conversations in relevant folders.

⭐ Label your messages

⭐ Mark as high priority or spam

⭐ Saved replies for quick responses

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30% of buyers ask questions via social media before making their purchase

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Companies with great customer service experience 90% customer retention

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People are 30% more likely to recommend a brand if they receive a response to a query on social media