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Martech Stacked: the podcast

Learn the marketing technologies used by the top digital marketers and how they tie these together to build an unstoppable growth machine.

Martech Stacked Episode 27: The Easy Way to Record and Share Videos - with Kaya Ismail
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Martech Stacked Episode 26: The Live Video Production Suite That Professionalizes Your Livestreams - with Darryl Praill
Martech Stacked Episode 25: The Collaboration Whiteboard For Distributed Teams For Your Next Event - with Aleksandra Panyukhina
Martech Stacked Episode 24: Why Selecting A Lesser-Known Martech Tool Could Be A Better Option - with Vic Miller
Martech Stacked Episode 23: The Digital Market Intelligence Platform That Has No Real Competitors - with Oren Greenberg
Martech Stacked Episode 22: The livestreaming production suite that can also *edit* your videos - with Brandon Olson from AWeber
Martech Stacked Episode 21: Use this SEO tool to improve your sales pitches - with Chris Green
Martech Stacked Episode 20: The Martech Tool That Picks up all the Data you need and Brings it to your Favorite Platform - with Edward Ford
Martech Stacked Episode 19: The Free Martech Tool That Every Software Subscription Business Needs - with Rand Fishkin
The State of Martech in 2020 - with Scott Brinker
Martech Stacked Episode 17: David Mihm from Tidings shares his top 3 pieces of marketing technology
Martech Stacked Episode 16: The 3 Ad Platforms that Diogo Felippelli from Tagger Couldn't Live Without
Martech Stacked Episode 15: How to build better customer relationships through messenger-based experiences - David Abrams
Martech Stacked Episode 14: Record, Transcribe, Edit and Mix... As Easy as Typing! With Ramli John.
Martech Stacked Episode 12: How to collaborate with the influencers who matter - Neal Schaffer
Martech Stacked Episode 11: Is this the one app to replace them all? - Ashley Monk
Martech Stacked Episode 10: What email marketing software is enjoyable to use, has great features and is good value for money? - Laurie Wang
Martech Stacked Episode 9: What is the most valuable conversation you can have to enhance the impact of your marketing technology? - with Louis Grenier
Martech Stacked Episode 8: Marketing automation software for B2B marketers - with Charles Dolisy
Martech Stacked Episode 7: The programming language that you should know as a marketer - with AJ Wilcox
Martech Stacked Episode 6: How to bring all of your data into one visual platform - with Kevin Gibbons
Martech Stacked Episode 5: What is the best software to quickly add a revenue generating funnel to your website? With Gavin Bell.
Martech Stacked Episode 4: The video hosting & video marketing service every marketer should be aware of - with Phil Nottingham
Martech Stacked Episode 3: Introducing the all-in-one online business platform - with Teresa Heath-Wareing
Martech Stacked Episode 2: A terrific tool to help you optimize your YouTube videos - with Mark Asquith
Season 2 – Episode 1: The comprehensive SEO software platform that every marketer should have with Lukasz Zelezny

Episode 6: Interview with Geoff Atkinson, Founder and CEO Huckabuy
Episode 5: Interview with James Blackwell, Co-Founder Buzzsumo
Episode 4: Interview with Tracy Childers, Founder Wishlist Member
Episode 3: Interview with Jason Loevs, Founder
Episode 2: Interview with Daniel Glickman, CMO Wave.Video
Episode 1: Interview with Rob and Kennedy, Founders of ResponseSuite

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