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Take Your Storytelling to Another level

Articles & long-form content brought to life

Create, write, bullet, and share your story with our new long-form writing feature - Articles.

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Keep all of your content in one place

Work with your team to plan and create long-form content such as newsletters, blogs, and press releases. When ready, add this content to the Calendar to get visibility over your entire marketing plan.

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Collaborate icon
Engage your whole team in the writing process while keeping in-line with your Approval Workflow. Drafting has never been easier.
Organize icon
From 500 words to 5000 - keep all of your written content in one place. Once you're happy with it, seamlessly publish using your content Calendar.
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Design seamlessly
Take everything from your regular word processor, and see it integrated into Articles; whether it's fonts, headings, text layouts or imagery.

What can I do ?

Your favorite ContentCal features, bigger and better than before

We've taken the tools and features you love from our regular content Calendar, and made it even easier to integrate them into your daily tasks.

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Full-screen mode icon
Full-screen mode
Easily see what you're working on and enjoy the full experience and functionality of using your standard word processor.
Approval Workflows icon
Approval Workflows
As content gets longer, it’s even more important that it’s signed-off and approved by the most relevant team member.
Chronology icon
Head to the Articles tab to find your most recent masterpiece. Sort or filter to browse your Articles or find specific titles from a variety of authors

Why not check out some of our other features?

ContentCal offers the best-in-the-business collaboration tools, so you're involved in every step of the creation process.

Respond icon
Respond to messages and comments from your social media channels from one central inbox. Give useful and timely responses.
Analytics icon
Assess your content performance and learn how to improve for the future with our in-depth real-time analytics tool.
Contributions icon
The perfect space for creating ideas with your entire team, gathering feedback, and working together to come up with amazing content.
Grammarly icon
Say goodbye to embarrassing typos and grammatical errors. Make sure content always looks its best with our Grammarly integration.

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