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Simple content planning tools for easier lives

We’re constantly looking for ways to make the content planning process less stressful and more enjoyable.

Content Hub → icon
Content Hub →
One home for all content. Create template posts or use to store media, links, and ideas.
Approval Workflows icon
Approval Workflows
Ensure content is signed off and approved by the most relevant member(s) of your team.
Web Clipper icon
Web Clipper
Send links, articles, and inspiration direct to ContentCal with our browser extension.
Contributions → icon
Contributions →
Create custom-made forms to collect content ideas and inspiration from your team.
Articles → icon
Articles →
Plan and create all long-form content including press releases, blogs, emails, and more.
Custom Planning Channels icon
Custom Planning Channels
Create a complete marketing hub by adding extra channels for whatever content you like.
Permissions icon
Assign User Permissions to teammates and clients to restrict access and abilities.
Scheduling icon
We can auto-publish content to a variety of destinations at your chosen time and date.
Pinboard icon
Pin draft posts, rogue ideas, and inspiration to the side of your Calendar for later.
Category Tags icon
Category Tags
Label your content by theme and organize your Calendar using color-coded tags.
Snippets icon
Save your commonly-used info such as hashtags and URLs to easily add to your content.
Calendar icon
Plan and prepare all of your marketing content in our intuitive and visual Calendar.
Pause Content icon
Pause Content
Last minute change of plans? Hit the Pause button and stop all content from publishing.
Preset Times icon
Preset Times
Add Preset Publishing Times to your Calendar so you can schedule content quicker.
Campaigns icon
Keep briefs, notes, and ideas stored and tucked away in handy Campaign folders.
Notes icon
Add Notes to your Calendar to remind you and the team of future key dates and events.
Hashtags icon
Save your most-used hashtags, ready and waiting to be entered into your posts.
Facebook Groups icon
Facebook Groups
Manage online communities with ease with the ability to publish to Facebook Groups.
Commenting icon
Comment on individual posts to collaborate on content and give constructive feedback.
Previous Posts icon
Previous Posts
Re-visit past ideas, refresh your content, and re-add to the Calendar in a few simple clicks.
Library Search icon
Library Search
Never lose a great content idea! Search the Content Hub Library to find your hidden gems.
Category Filters icon
Category Filters
Filter your analytics by Category Tags to see which themes are proving most popular.
Export Content icon
Export Content
Export your marketing content in a CSV format to share across the wider team.
Search Content icon
Search Content
Pick up right where you left off. Search the Calendar to find the post you need.
Users icon
Add team-mates or clients to Calendars to collaborate, feedback, approve, and more.
Social Profiles icon
Social Profiles
Connect your social profiles to individual Calendars to make use of auto-publishing.
Instagram Grid icon
Instagram Grid
Plan and re-arrange your upcoming Instagram content using our Grid-like format.
Grammarly icon
Make sure your content always looks it's best with our Grammarly integration.
Media Uploader icon
Media Uploader
Upload media to your posts via search, social channels, dropbox, and more.
Notebook icon
Notebook is an open space in your Calendar for ideas, thoughts, plans, to-do lists, and more.
Multiplatform Inbox icon
Multiplatform Inbox
Keep on top of all social media comments and messages from one central inbox.
Engage icon
Engage with all comments and messages from social channels. Like, retweet, and more.
Profile Insights icon
Profile Insights
Get visibility over the person you're conversing with via Twitter, with profile insights.
Data Visualizations icon
Data Visualizations
Easily assess your performance on social media with visual charts and graphs.
Top Performing Posts icon
Top Performing Posts
Generate more engagement by identifying and re-using your most successful content.
Best Time to Post icon
Best Time to Post
As you post content over time, we'll be able to identify your optimum publishing times.
PDF Export icon
PDF Export
Export your analytics as a PDF, ready to share with your teammates and clients.
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From the moment we had the demo, I knew this was the tool for us. It had everything we were looking for so it was really easy to get cracking with it.

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