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Respond FAQ's

How to reopen a message, retweet, use filters, and more.

How do I reopen a message?

Once closed, your message will appear in the 'Closed' folder as opposed to the 'Team Inbox'. From within the 'Closed' folder, you will see the option to re-open your message.

Once re-opened, this message will be moved back to the 'Team Inbox' and will be sorted chronologically.

The Profile Insights panel explained

The Profile Insights panel is a way for you to see public profile information about the message sender (available only for Twitter). From this panel, you will also be able to follow/unfollow and mute/unmute users. This area can be found on the right-hand side after you click into a message.

Please note, muting users from ContentCal Respond will also mute senders directly on your social profiles too.

How do I like/retweet a Tweet?

To like and/or retweet a Tweet, hover over the Tweet to show the message actions, then select the like or retweet buttons.

To undo a like, simply de-select the appropriate button so it turns back from blue to grey.

Choosing who to mention in a Tweet

On Twitter, if you have been mentioned in a Tweet alongside other Twitter users, it is possible to pick and choose which users to mention in your reply. This too, is possible with Respond.

To choose which Twitter users to mention in your response, select the dropdown arrow next to the social handles to open the list of handles. From here, tick (or untick) to dictate which handles to mention in your response.

What is collision detection?

Collision detection will tell you if someone else from your team is replying to the message you are viewing. If someone else is typing a response, their avatar and a "..." bubble will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the message window.

What does the blue dot on a message mean?

This blue dot indicates when a message hasn't been responded to yet. When a message has been responded to, the blue dot will disappear.

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