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Get started with Zapier and Zap Templates

Looking to set up automation using Zapier? Here's how to connect ContentCal to your Zapier account.

Get started

1. Create a free account:

2. Within your Zapier account, head to 'My Apps' from the top menu bar.

3. Click on 'Connect new account' and search for 'ContentCal'

4. Use your credentials to connect your ContentCal account to Zapier.

5. Now that's all sorted, you're ready to create an automation. Use a pre-made Zap template (see below) or create your own with the Zap Editor. Creating a Zap requires no coding knowledge and you'll be walked step-by-step through the setup.

Zap templates

Create ContentCal posts for new Pocket items

Manually adding content from different sources can be tedious and time-consuming. Using Pocket to discover and save content, you can automatically add those saved items to ContentCal, via Zapier. Try this Zap Watch the video

Create ContentCal posts for new favorited Pocket items

You've saved lots of articles to Pocket, and want to use specific posts in ContentCal. Getting those posts into ContentCal is manual. With this Zap, the process is automated. Save an item in Pocket, and it will appear in the ContentCal Pinboard or Content Hub Library. Try this Zap

Add new ContentCal posts to Buffer

ContentCal is a great way to plan and organize content with your team. However, sometimes, you may choose to use Buffer's more advanced publishing capabilities. Connect your ContentCal account to Buffer via Zapier, and your ContentCal posts will go through to Buffer for publishing automatically. Try this Zap Watch the video

Create ContentCal posts for new starred Slack messages

It's common that useful pieces of content are created or shared in Slack which requires lots of copying and pasting efforts. Zapier's Slack and ContentCal integration removes this problem by automatically adding the content from a starred message into a ContentCal Pinboard or Content Hub Library. Try this Zap

Create ContentCal posts from new Airtable records

If you use Airtable for marketing, you likely have useful content you want to publish to social media channels. Using this Zap, you can automatically send records from a view in Airtable to a ContentCal Pinboard or Content Hub Library. From here you can edit, schedule, and publish in ContentCal. Try this Zap

Create ContentCal posts for new Slack channel messages

Slack Channels are a great place for your team to add content. Getting those messages into ContentCal, however, is a manual task that wastes time. With this Zap, any message sent to a Channel will be automatically added to your ContentCal Pinboard or Content Hub Library, saving you time and effort. Try this Zap

Create Pinterest pins for new ContentCal posts

So, you've created the perfect content plan and added Pinterest posts in ContentCal. With Zapier's ContentCal and Pinterest integration, you can publish these posts to your Pinterest Boards. No more manually moving posts over. Try this Zap Watch the video

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Warning: Depending on your Zapier plan, you may see a delay in the triggering of your Zap. Those using the free plan of Zapier may see delays of up to 15 minutes.

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