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Connecting to Facebook

When you connect a Facebook Page to ContentCal, you will be required by Facebook to grant ContentCal permission to publish to your Pages. If done incorrectly, your Facebook posts will fail to publish.

How to connect to Facebook and grant publishing permission

Step 1

Head into 'Setup' from within your Calendar and choose to 'Connect' within the Connections area


Step 2

A pop-up will ask you to confirm your identity. If your Facebook Pages are attached to this personal profile, select to 'Continue'. If you wish to connect to a different Facebook account, head to and login to the appropriate account before restarting this process.


Step 3

You will now be asked which Pages you want to use with ContentCal. You must select All Pages regardless of which Page you intend to connect to this Calendar. You will be able to choose which Page you want to publish to from this Calendar at a later stage.

Warning Callout Icon

Warning: If some Pages are de-selected during this stage, ContentCal will not be able to publish to this Page from any Calendar. If you want to connect any of your Facebook Pages to ContentCal (in your current Calendar, or in another), it is important that you keep this Page selected. If you do not keep this Page selected, your posts will fail to publish.


Step 4

You will next be asked to give ContentCal the ability to Manage your Pages, and Publish as the Pages you manage. You must say 'yes' to both of these options.


After you select 'Done' the following will appear.


Step 5

You have now successfully granted ContentCal permission to publish to your Facebook Pages. You will now be given the opportunity to select which Page you would like to connect to this Calendar. Use the dropdown menu to choose your Page.


Congratulations - you have now connected a Facebook Page to ContentCal

Note Callout Icon

Note: If you only manage one Facebook Page, the process of connecting may be slightly different. Ensure that you are carefully reading each pop-up to grant ContentCal the necessary permissions to publish to your Page.

What if I want to connect another Facebook Page to another Calendar?

If you have followed the above instructions correctly, you should simply be able to go through the pop-up modals and then select your chosen Page for publishing. The correct permissions will have already been granted when you completed the steps above.

Why are all these steps necessary?

The majority of these pop-ups are Facebook-owned. Facebook requires you to grant ContentCal permission to access your Facebook Pages for security reasons.

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