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Managing connections

Connecting your social media profiles to ContentCal allows us to auto-publish on your behalf. Here's how to get started...

Get started

To connect, disconnect, or refresh a connection...

1) Go into a Calendar

2) Within 'Publish, click Setup

3) Use the 'Connections' area for all actions


Facebook connections

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Beta: Publishing to Facebook Groups is in Beta. Please ask us for access to this feature.

When connecting to Facebook, you will be asked: "What Pages do you want to use with ContentCal?". It is very important that you select all pages. De-selecting any of the Pages may result in post failures.

In the final stages of the connection process, you will be given the option to select which Page or Group you want to publish to from this Calendar.

Check out our full comprehensive guide on connecting to Facebook

🔌 Connecting Social Profiles
Connecting to Facebook

Instagram connections

Finding that ContentCal is connecting to the wrong Instagram account?

ContentCal will connect to whichever Instagram account you are currently logged into on your browser. You'll just need to head to, login to the account you want to be connected to your Calendar, and then pop back into ContentCal to restart the connection process.

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🔌 Connecting Social Profiles
I can't connect to my social profiles

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