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A beautiful social media calendar for Agencies

We too, know what it's like to struggle with long and complicated email threads, bothersome spreadsheets, and manually publishing content. So to make our lives easier, we created ContentCal.

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“Every time we introduce a client to ContentCal they tell us they can’t believe how simple it is compared to the old Excel/Word methods, and all the new features and improvements make it a joy to use as an agency too."

Caspar Aremi @ Coolr, Digital Agency of the Year - PRCA Digital Awards 2019

Key features for Agencies

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Approvals and Comments

Typos and confusion are a thing of the past. Get content ship-shape and perfected with approval workflows and client communication within ContentCal.

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Content Planning and Ideation

Our visual calendar layout puts an end to writer's block and procrastination. Get the creative juices flowing with our features for organisation and planning.

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Multiple calendar management

Keep clients separated in different calendars, united under one ContentCal account. Dip in and out of client calendars and check on content progress at a glance.

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Store assets, media and briefs

No more searching for missing assets. Keep everything you need tucked away in campaign folders within ContentCal, ready and waiting for their time to shine.


🎩 Agency Unlimited

$399 per month

  • Every Client Calendar in one centralized place
  • Customise approval flows per Client
  • Analytics with PDF reports and filtering
  • Send posts to Facebook Drafts
  • Team training and onboarding
  • Advanced assets uploader
  • Premium Live Chat Support, + much more.