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Respond to social media messages with our combined inbox

Respond makes it super simple for your support team to respond to social media conversations. For Facebook Messenger, Facebook Comments, Tweets, and Twitter Direct Messages.

Team Inbox

Keep new social media conversations in one central location. Easily accessible from within your ContentCal account.


Respond to inquiries quickly and easily. Close resolved conversations, and keep coming back to ongoing chats.


Context is everything. With profile visibility, you can see exactly who you're talking to from location to follower counts.

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Slow response rates can lead to a 15% increase in churn

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1 in 3 social media users prefer to chat to a brand via social media

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Customers spend 20% - 40% more money on companies they've spoken to on social media

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Discover the best times to post for maximum engagement.


Assign conversations to team members

Always give the best possible answer by assigning conversations to the most appropriate member of your team.


Assign conversations to other members of your team. Ensure every inquiry is met with a meaningful response.


Your personal inbox section in Respond will hold your ongoing conversations and messages assigned to you.

Internal notes

Communicate with your team on ongoing conversations to ensure your responses are informative and correct.


Separate your chats into relevant categories

Organize messages for efficient customer service. Label by topic, manage priorities, and store conversations in relevant folders.


Label messages by topic and sort them into corresponding folders, ready for the team to respond in bulk.


Mark messages as spam, or highlight as high priority. Address your most urgent inquiries first and foremost.

Saved replies

Got a lot of FAQ's? Save your most common responses as a saved reply, ready and waiting for whenever you need them.