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Give a voice to your entire team

Contributions: Create great content, together

Invite your team to contribute content ideas via custom-made forms. View all submissions in your Content Hub Library.

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Work together to fill your content calendar

The Contributions area allows you to create forms that can be sent to clients or team members to collect information and ideas. This allows you to easily curate content suggestions while maintaining control over the overall content plan.

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Maintain control icon

Maintain control

To revoke access to a form, simply deactivate, or generate a brand new link.

Company branding icon

Company branding

Customize your form by adding a title, description, and logo.

Preview form icon

Preview form

Check how your form will appear to the wider team before sending it.


Create quality content with input from the team

Is your team spread across the country or globe? Give everyone a voice with the ability to share images, thoughts, and news from different departments and locations.

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Unite office branches icon

Unite office branches

Collect content from your entire team, including news, pictures, and ideas.

Client input icon

Client input

No need for emails. Allow clients to add thoughts and ideas directly into ContentCal.

Category Tags icon

Category Tags

Keep things organized from the start by assigning Tags to Contributions forms.


Visit the Library to view your team's contributions

Any content submitted via a Contributions form will be automatically added and stored in the Content Hub Library, ready and waiting for you to transform into engaging content for your organic channels.

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Assign icon color icon

Assign icon color

Choose an icon for every form to automatically color-code your contributions in the Library.

Filter by submissions icon

Filter by submissions

Use the Library as a space to leave ideas and inspiration that you can develop in the future.

Content storage icon

Content storage

Keep all contributions in one central place, ready and waiting for whenever they're needed.

“The new Contributions feature is a brilliant example of how ContentCal has evolved to make life easier. Social is no longer the responsibility of the social team or agency. It's most effective when you can gather the thoughts of your internal team and the wider community.”

– Rachel Allen @ Making Business Social


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The ContentCal platform encompasses the needs of today’s social media marketers, from content planning to social media scheduling and automation. ContentCal is accessible across content marketing teams big and small and has been created to solve all the usual content marketing pain-points.

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Make sure nothing gets published until it’s been signed off by the most relevant team member.

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Reply and manage your social media messages from within one central inbox.

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Monitor audience growth, track engagement levels, discover best times to post, and more.

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Web Clipper

Send articles and inspiration to ContentCal's Pinboard or Content Hub while browsing the web.

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