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Content Marketing Software

Looking for software to make content marketing easier? Our content marketing tool puts content, people & ideas all in 1 place.

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Simple content planning tools for easier lives

We’re constantly looking for ways to make the content planning process less stressful and more enjoyable.

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Content Hub
One home for all content. Create template posts or use to store media, links, and ideas.
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Approval Workflows
Ensure content is signed off and approved by the most relevant member(s) of your team.
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Create custom-made forms to collect content ideas and inspiration from your team.
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Web Clipper
Send links, articles, and inspiration direct to ContentCal with our browser extension.
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Add team-mates or clients to Calendars to collaborate, feedback, approve, and more.
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Assign User Permissions to teammates and clients to restrict access and abilities.
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We can auto-publish content to a variety of destinations at your chosen time and date.
Custom Planning Channels icon
Custom Planning Channels
Create a complete marketing hub by adding extra channels for whatever content you like.
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From the moment we had the demo, I knew this was the tool for us. It had everything we were looking for so it was really easy to get cracking with it.

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