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Revving up Comline’s social media presence

Com line + ContentCal

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Comline is a leading independent British supplier of aftermarket replacement parts for all popular European, Japanese and Korean vehicle applications. With over 150 employees over 4 locations, they are one of the fastest-growing aftermarket brands in the European automotive.

Comline’s eyes were opened to the potential of social media when a friend of the Comline business began working with ContentCal. Noticing the success that others were attaining on social media, they reached out to see how ContentCal could help Comline make more from their social media presence.

“I became aware of ContentCal through word of mouth and by seeing the success they’d had with a friend of the Comline business. We ultimately went with ContentCal because we were aware of this case study but also because of the unwavering positivity demonstrated by Andy and his team.” -Leigh Davies, Head of Marketing, Comline


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