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Writing a Social Media Strategy? Here's our Top Tips and Advice

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
Kirsty9th May 2018
writing a social media strategy

There are a number of reasons why you should be writing a social media strategy for your brand...

Not only is social media marketing one of the most easily accessible AND most profitable of digital marketing platforms available (with a staggeringly high lead-to-close rate of 100% when compared to traditional outbound marketing) - it’s booming like never before and showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, the UK’s communications regulator ‘Ofcom’ noted that social media use is seeing a whopping annual increase of 30% each year. So in short - if you aren’t utilizing it currently, then you’re missing out on the opportunity to engage with a whole host of potential customers that just keep on growing.

Writing a social media strategy or having a social media marketing plan is an absolutely worthwhile task and one that shouldn’t just be for businesses. Marketing and PR agencies take note and pay close attention to your current social media practice – as you too can promote yourselves and win clients by having a sure-fire plan firmly in place. In fact, the social media skills you demonstrate may be even more crucial, especially when seeking to offer your social media services to potential new clients. Agencies that can show they are adept at managing their own channels will win far more business running the social media promotions of others. Agencies will also be equiped with all of the latest social media scheduling tools.

So, how should I be writing a social media strategy to increase engagement?

Brainstorming and Research

First thing’s first - brainstorm and establish an objective. This goes for both businesses and agencies alike. Businesses need to work out who their ideal customer is and try to create audience or customer biographies (archetypes that include details about demographics and interests, etc.). Agencies will need to get together with their clients and discuss in-depth who they want to target and do the same, making sure they have a comprehensive understanding of their client’s brand. Once you have your research use Content Calendar Tools to map our your content and get orgnaised.

You should also determine early on what metrics you’ll use to measure your successes and failures. Remember to go beyond the more obvious vanity metrics of retweets and likes and document other things such as web referrals and conversion rates. Ensure you fully understand how each of your platforms and social media management tools work and take into consideration why you’d be posting there in the first place. Writing a social media strategy

Be Realistic

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Think carefully about what’s realistic for your company in terms of team capacity and skill-set. Is it feasible to make 4 videos a week for example? Make a plan of how often you’d like your varying forms of content to appear and work to the strengths of your team. Their hard work will ultimately determine the success of your strategy.

The 2 Q’s

Decide the quantity of content you want to post within a week – this should be easy to work out if you’ve successfully followed the above step. However, don’t fall into the trap of thinking ‘the more content the better.’ Your audience won’t like being bombarded with content that’s quick and easy to create, but isn’t high in quality or targeted to their interests. As with most things in life, think quality over quantity.


Next, work out which content themes will work best for you and your brand. News, blog sharing, polls, promo posts, etc. Which of these themes do your target audience respond best to from your earlier research? What are others in your industry sharing? While research into your competition should play a very crucial part in deciding your content themes, it’s important to keep in mind ways that you might be able to differentiate your brand from theirs and appeal to any prospects that they may be missing. writing a social media strategy 1

Tweak Your Strategy Regularly

The first strategy you put in place won’t be 100% perfect, but fear not; with each small failure, you’ll gain valuable insight into your audience's likes and dislikes. So with this in mind, be ready and willing to tweak your strategy as you go based on regular assessments of your engagement and response. Keep an eye on the metrics you defined earlier on to track your progress. Nailing a social media plan is key to get planning your content correctly at the start, it's also really important to make sure that you have the correct social media automation tool to help with your posting.

Et. Voila… Follow these steps carefully and you have all the necessary tools you need for writing a social media strategy that works for you. Any burning questions about this article or points you’d like us to expand on? Tweet us @ContentCal_io

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