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Our December Releases: ContentCal 2.2 ⛄️

Tis the season for making waves. We’ve released 3 new exciting features, just in time for Christmas. Let’s take a look at what’s new in ContentCal.

how to use snippets with contentcal

Perfect your post in record time with Snippets

Web Clipper header

Web Clipper: A faster way to fill your Calendar

Preset Publish Times

How to publish your content at the best time

Content Hub hero

Content Hub: A brand new home for all of your content

Linkedin for small business hero

Small business? Here’s your free out-of-the-box LinkedIn strategy

5 ways to personalise ContentCal

How to get the most out of your ContentCal free trial

The best tools to use alongside ContentCal

5 Ways to use ContentCal's Calendar Notes

4 fantastic ways to use ContentCal's Campaign Folders

How to do content amplification with ContentCal

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