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New app 'Squad' means mobile screen sharing while browsing social media

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
Kirsty5th February 2019

“Some people go to priests, others to poetry. I go to my friends.” – Virginia Woolf

What is Squad?

Squad is a social networking app that allows you to screen share with family and friends (and up to 6 people at once). With the app launching in 2019, it’s founding team consists of Esther Crawford (CEO), and Ethan Sutin (CTO). The purpose of Squad is to bring people together and reduce loneliness by building deeper connections and more empathy between people.

The Beta version of Squad is currently available for download on iOS devices. An Android version is coming soon.

How does it work?

Squad is a free app that offers unlimited text, video, and screen sharing for iPhones, iPad’s and iPod touch. Using your mobile contacts, it allows you to invite others to join the app so you can start communicating via Squad.

When you first download Squad you’re given a selection of icons so that you can mute your mic, switch off your camera, and flip the camera (front or back). Selecting the central ‘record’ icon will allow you to make a screen recording or start a broadcast. You can invite your contacts to join the broadcast and chat with them using video and/or sound and choose to share your screen by selecting an app to view together (such as Instagram). If you swipe right, you’ll be brought to Squad’s instant messaging area.

So it’s kinda like Whatsapp, and then some

Why does it have so much potential?

Studies indicate that people are spending more and more time apart, communicating via social media platforms as opposed to spending quality time face to face. In the spirit of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’, Squad offers a way for people to browse social media with a new level of connectivity.

For CEO, Ether Crawford, creating Squad was a solution to a problem she’d experienced throughout her childhood and adolescence; loneliness. After finding comfort online via chat rooms, blogging, and instant messaging, she became well versed in the glory of social media platforms for bringing people together. Seeking to take this to the next level, Squad was born; the ultimate way to bridge the distance between friends on social media.

And finally, where can I download it?

Right here

Have you tried Squad? Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter at @ContentCal_io

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