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Live Streaming on Facebook: Tips for businesses

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
Kirsty6th February 2020

We understand the hesitation; live streaming is intimidating, right? Anything could happen. Your kids could walk into the room, the fire alarm could go off, or your dog could choose that exact moment to start barking at the microwave.

This completely rational fear is a hurdle you’ll need to jump over, but it’s something that you’ll soon make peace with after you’ve done your few first live streams and are more confident in front of the camera. You’ll quickly pick up the ability to ‘roll with the unpredictable punches’ as it were.

At the end of the day, live streaming is completely worth making the effort for as it can create a much more intimate experience between you and your audience. They’ll not only be able to interact with you directly and in real-time, but they’ll also get to witness a much more human side to your brand.

Facebook Live 1

What you can do with Facebook Live…

Do a demo or a tour

Video truly is the best medium for demonstrating your product. Live Streaming a demonstration or product walkthrough can be great for giving your audience a completely detailed and in-depth guide to what you’re offering. Alternatively, giving your audience a tour of your office can show the personality behind your businesses bringing consumer and company closer together.

Facebook Live 2

Give a teaser or sneak peak

Providing a sneaky peak of a new product can make your audience feel valued and special. What better way to reveal your new products than via live stream? Show your audience what they can look forward to in an exclusive and personal setting where you can talk through the new ideas, explain the motivation behind them, and get them excited for what’s to come.

Facebook Live 3

Host a Q&A session

A simple Q&A session can be wonderful for increasing engagement. Not only are you giving value to your audience by providing information and advice that they genuinely want, but you’re giving them the chance to tell you what they need from your services. Q&A sessions will show your audience that you care about them and their needs.

Facebook Live 4

Do you have any tips for live streaming on Facebook? Let us know your top advice via Twitter @ContentCal_io

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