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How to Create an Instagram Strategy for a Business

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
Kirsty24th July 2018
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Whether you manage social media platforms for a big company, a small business, or just to promote your own personal brand, developing a strategic Instagram strategy is a must.

With other 800 million users, Instagram is inarguably one of the most important social media networks around, and its storytelling capabilities make it one of the most effective social media marketing tools out there. So how should you go about creating your Instagram strategy? Here’s our handy guide full of hints and tips to get you started.

To build a successful Instagram strategy, define your goals clearly

Defining your goals is a crucial first step when establishing any plan for the future. When it comes to laying out your Instagram strategy, ask yourself what you want your posts to achieve. Are you aiming to showcase your products / services? Are you trying to build a community? Is your goal to raise brand awareness?

Instagram can help businesses to achieve all of the above, and in an incredibly enticing and visual form. However, to really get the most out of Instagram and it’s many features, remember to change your Instagram profile to a Business account. This will give you access to exclusive features by enabling you to give contact information, see individual post analytics, and more. Instagram Strategy 17

Work out your content themes

Once your goals have been clearly defined, you can then begin thinking about how you will achieve these goals. According to bird social, visual posts in general produce a 650% higher engagement rate than text only posts - which should really put into context the importance of getting your visuals on Instagram just right. Rotating through different content themes will keep things interesting for your followers while enabling you to test which content is resonating with your audience. Whilst working on your content themes, it’s important to remember that a product-centric approach usually doesn't generate the best results.

Decide your posting frequency

While it’s good to maintain a regular posting schedule, make sure that you’re 1) not bombarding your followers with too many posts but also 2) that you are posting too infrequently. While many businesses make the mistake of going in ‘all guns blazing’ and posting copious amounts of pictures in the first few weeks, (before running out of ideas and then barely posting at all), you should be planning ahead and spreading out your ideas across the coming month.

The smartest way to figure out what works best for your businesses when it comes to scheduling social media content and then posting it, is to run some tests. Upload content at a variety of times and on different days of the week. Track the results to see which content gets the highest engagement. Instagram Strategy 4

Think about your brand

Instagram is a fantastic way to establish your brand’s identity and will help with your overall social media marketing effort. Once you’ve considered your demographic, you can then work out a specific style that will suit your brand and create posts accordingly. Create visual consistency by using similar filters, colours, borders and fonts to make your images recognisable. The more distinctive your posts, the more likely your followers are to stop when they spot your content when scrolling through their feeds. Forming a solid and recognisable brand identity will also encourage your audience to be more drawn to your brand outside of the context of Instagram due to its comforting familiarity. Rise Pro recently posted this great article, featuring 40 great e-commerce brands on Instagram that you might want to take a look at for inspiration.

Hopefully these tips will help get your business’s Instagram strategy well underway, but if you have any questions or queries, the shoot us a tweet us at @ContentCal_io

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