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How to schedule to Instagram using the ContentCal mobile app

1st July 2020

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After many months in the making, we are now incredibly excited to announce the launch of the ContentCal mobile app for iOS.

The app has been developed in response to two of our most frequent user requests; how can I use ContentCal on the move, and how can I integrate ContentCal with my Instagram marketing?

How to publish to Instagram via ContentCal

There are two options when posting to Instagram via ContentCal. The first method is to make use of our mobile app whereby you would create and schedule your Instagram post in the desktop app like you would any of your other content. When it's time for your post to be published, you will get a reminder notiifcation on your mobile device, and be able to publish your post through our mobile app with just a few simple clicks.

The alternative method, is to set up a Zapier integration allowing you to create Instagram content within a Custom Planning Channel, to then be automatically published to your Instagram account at your chosen time and date.

Want to learn more about setting up a Zapier integration? Have a read of our support doc here.

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The benefits of using the ContentCal Mobile app

Take ContentCal with you on the move

View upcoming and overdue Instagram posts at a glance. Simply pull to refresh in the ContentCal app to see an up-to-date feed of all scheduled and overdue Instagram posts in your calendar. Instagram scheduling app 1

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Amplify your Instagram marketing with reminders

Schedule posts to Instagram using the web version of ContentCal. These posts will then be logged in your social content calendar, and will trigger a push notification on your mobile device when the post is due to be published. Instagram scheduling app 2

Save posts to other apps in your content management workflow

The ContentCal app also integrates with other apps in your content management workflow such as Slack, Gmail, Notes or Facebook Messenger. Set permissions within the app to allow ContentCal access, then share posts direct to these apps from within the ContentCal app. ![Instagram scheduling app 3]image

Why can’t I schedule direct to Instagram from the ContentCal web app?

ContentCal is able to auto-publish to social channels by connecting to each channel’s API. Put simply, API’s allow third party apps, like ContentCal, to ‘plug in’ to other apps (e.g. Instagram) so that the third party app can manage data from that application.

The API for each channel is unique and, unfortunately, we don't currently have access to this version of Instagram's API (although this is definitely something we are looking to change).

However, until we have access to this version of the API, the ContentCal mobile app is our comprehensive solution to knit together the process of planning and scheduling content in the web app, with publishing to Instagram. Using this method you can publish Single or Multi-image posts, video posts, or even Story content.

Using the ContentCal web app, you are able to plan and schedule Instagram content in your calendar the same as you would for any other social channel. You will then receive a push notification on your phone when it is time to publish your Instagram post. All you need to do to post is select the post from the feed in your ContentCal mobile app, this will then load the image in Instagram for you to apply filters or edit as normal, then simply paste the pre-written caption, which has been saved to your phone’s clipboard, and publish.

Although auto-publishing from ContentCal via a direct API is not available, completely automatic publishing to Instagram can be setup using a Zapier integration, as an alternative publishing method to our mobile app. Read this support doc for more information.

What are the benefits of using ContentCal over posting directly to Instagram?

If you’re a frequent Instagram poster, the ContentCal app allows for easy access when it’s time to publish. All imagery and captions are saved within your ContentCal account - all in one place and ready to go. This saves you valuable time and effort retrieving images and captions from different locations around your phone and assembling them into posts. What’s more, ContentCal’s push notifications mean you don’t need to worry about setting your own reminders. It’s all taken care of.

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So now that’s out the way…

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Check out our help guide for a step-by-step guide to scheduling and posting Instagram content with ContentCal.text in italic

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