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How to schedule social media posts and save hours of time

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
Kirsty29th May 2018
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Are you wondering how to schedule social media posts? Are you sick of wasting hours of time per day, manually publishing your content?

It’s no secret that manually posting your social media content can be a very frustrating and time-consuming process, and especially when you’re managing multiple social accounts. However, the benefits of scheduling your content go way beyond the practicalities; planning, creating, and scheduling your content in advance could contribute to the quality and variety of content, and your overall social media marketing strategy.

Why you should learn how to schedule social media posts

There are so many benefits to scheduling social content, not only for your time and peace of mind but also for actually increasing audience engagement. While planning, creating, and scheduling your content in advance can contribute to a more consistent and frequent posting schedule, it will also give you the reassurance that your social media content will be published at the optimum times, without needing to lift a finger.

This not only saves you hours of time and hassle, but also allows you to concentrate on more important tasks like writing blogs, making new connections, or managing your community. Furthermore, if you’re planning and scheduling content in advance, you’ll be less stressed as well as less likely to make silly mistakes or typos.

If there's any events or holidays approaching, you can even plan your seasonal content ahead of time and then simply add it to your content calendar. For handy tips on creating and organising your social media schedule, Entrepreneur Europe has a great tutorial, which can be read here. how to schedule social media posts 10

Let’s get scheduling

While there are plenty of social media planning tools that will help you schedule your social media content to automatically publish to your social channels at a specified time and date, not all of these tools have a visual calendar layout that allows you to plan and create your content.

While Facebook and Twitter do allow users to schedule social media content from within the network, this doesn’t allow for a bird-eye view over all scheduled and upcoming content.

Here’s where ContentCal comes in, with the ability to publish to multiple social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn (Google+ coming soon). As a more convenient way to create and scheduling social media content, ContentCal assists with the entire content creation process, preventing your copywriter from becoming overwhelmed, and helping you to master your social media strategy. While agencies are able to keep their clients separated in different calendars, businesses are able to do the same with any sub-brands.

To schedule a post within ContentCal, press the ‘new post’ button on the top left of the calendar. Next, select where you would like to add this content to whether this be to multiple social channels, or even multiple calendars. From here, you can type in your post copy, add images or videos, select the date and time for the post, and then press schedule.

If you’re not quite ready with your post, you can even save this content as a placeholder to sit in your calendar as draft content - or add this to your pinboard to use at a later date.

And you know what’s extra brilliant about ContentCal? With approval workflows, you can ensure that none of your content goes live without being vetted and approved by the relevant people; whether these be senior team members, or your clients.

So, now you know how to schedule social media posts, are you ready to get started? Sign up for your free ContentCal account here.

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