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How to publish your content at the best time

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
Kirsty18th November 2019
Preset Publish Times

Not getting that sweet, sweet engagement? You might just be posting at a bad time…

Here’s how ContentCal can help you publish content that’s most likely to be seen by your audience. Preset Publish Times 23957

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Step 1 - Check your Analytics

You spend a lot of time posting content, but how much time do you dedicate to looking back over which posts are performing best, and why?

There could be a hundred reasons why some of your posts aren’t performing well, from the quality of the story the content tells through to the specific time you’ve chosen to post. Going back over posts to check what time works best can be a big job - so we’ve automated that data collection for you.

Within our Analytics area, you’ll see charts and graphs that show your engagement levels and tell you what your best times to post are.

This data is based on your engagement levels for posts you’ve published in the past so you’ll need to use ContentCal for a little while and experiment with different post times before you start seeing accurate results.

How to: Finding your best times to publish

  1. Head into your ContentCal Calendar, and select the ‘Analytics’ tab in the top left.
  2. To see your best times to publish across all channels, select ‘All’ at the top left.
  3. To see your best times to publish per channel, select the relevant social channel from the top left.

Best times Analytics

Step 2 - Set your Preset Publish Times

Once you’ve discovered which times are the best to post content, you’ll want to add these into ContentCal as Preset Publish Times.

Within your Content Calendar, you can also decide on different publish times to pick from before you or someone on your team posts. These allow you to quickly select from a list of optimum times when scheduling new posts.

This helps maximize reach and reduces any ‘what time to post’ anxiety. Your team just needs to stick to the predetermined times. Setup preset publish times

How to: Creating your Preset Publish Times

  1. Head into ‘Setup’ from within your Calendar and scroll down to the ‘Preset Times’ area.
  2. Select ‘Create Preset Time’ and enter a time of your choice.
  3. When scheduling a post, select the dropdown beside the timepicker to generate and select from a list of your Preset Times.

Watch Andy’s How-to

💡 Pro tip: Regularly make use of the ‘Random’ option when scheduling your content to assign a random publishing time to your post. This will allow you to continue testing other publish times that might receive high engagement.

Why we created Preset Publish Times

Preset Publish Times became a highly requested feature of ours thanks to the feedback of our ever-helpful customers.

As this request moved up our list of priorities, we set out to create Preset Times with the goal of saving customers time, and giving more structure to when people post.

Thanks to the launch of Preset Publish Times (as a part of our 2.0 release) we’ve removed the hesitation that comes with deciding what time to post, as well as giving our customers more control and awareness over when they post.

“We’ve had such a great response from our user base on the ability to preset publish times. It’s a great way to put the results of your analytics into practise when creating and scheduling content. With so much noise online, it’s so important to publish at the best possible time..” - Ben Newton, Developer

Preset Publish Times 543

Preset Publish Times was an update we released as apart of ContentCal 2.0. To see what else is new, check out our blog.

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