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Blog Post Author – Kirsty
Kirsty7th February 2018
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Freelancer? Agency? Or Business? Whatever your story, our back to basics ebook is filled with some really great advice for anyone starting out in the world of content marketing.

While some will scoff and roll their eyes, more experienced marketers will know the undeniable importance of having a content marketing strategy.

Perfect for the beginner, our newest ebook takes you through the basics of content marketing in easy bite-sized chunks. More advanced marketer? You too could benefit from a refresh on the key points before tackling some trickier projects.

Drafting up the occasional tweet or firing out a blog post might not seem like rocket science, but when you’re looking to attract a certain audience and achieve company goals, it pays to be a little more tactical.

The good news here, is that our back to basics ebook can give you tips on developing your ideas, establishing content themes, creating a tone of voice, and oh so much more.

Sounds like it’s worth a read doesn’t it? Download our ebook for FREE below.

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