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Blog Post Author – Kirsty
Kirsty8th June 2018
Social Day UK 2

One of the biggest and brightest social media marketing events of the year, Social Day UK, was just last week. And guess who was in attendance? That’s right, your favourite social media scheduling tool; ContentCal.

As headline sponsors of Social Day UK 2018, we were there to schmooze with the crowds, soak up wisdom from the industry pros, and spread the gospel of content planning with ContentCal. Social Day UK 64

Here’s our top takeaways from Social Day UK 2018…

Be authentic

After an inspiring talk from Authentic Alex, we were forced to see social media, and LinkedIn, in a completely new light. While we knew that brands on LinkedIn were better off social media marketing through a CEO rather than a company page, it wasn’t until a talk from William Bonaddio from McDonalds that we realised how brands were bringing authenticity into other social networks such as Twitter. Maccy D’s for example, make their burgers look much less-than-perfect for the optimum appeal, while responding to customers on online using “I” and “me” as opposed to the branded “we” and “us”. Food for thought no? (pun intended). As Molly Moodle even stated during a panel on selling to Gen Z “Gen Z don’t want to be sold to, they want humans and the reality behind them”. Amen to that.

There’s a danger zone, and you want to stay away from it

Who else could have come up with such a concept but Andrew and Pete. If you didn’t make it to the end of Social Day UK then you really missed out on the closing headlines as they explained the concept of the ‘Danger Zone’. Best tip from the talk? Follow the example of those leading in the field, rather than those leading in your industry. What does it mean? Essentially, if you wanted to start a podcast, you should be following the example of those who make a really great podcast, regardless of their niche. Don’t learn exclusively from those in your industry or you’ll end up doing the exact same thing. We don’t know about you, but after listening to Andrew and Pete for 45 minutes we really began to reconsider the value in competitor research when there’s such a thing as sheer creativity.

Video is big (even bigger than we thought)

Anyone who’s had their head in the sand about the rise of video content had better pull it out about now. Video is undeniably leading us into the future of social media and we’ve got some great tips on how to catch up. Chris Kubby spoke about ‘stopping the scroll’ and made us all realise that short attention spans only apply to bad content. We also picked up some pretty nifty tips from Lee Wilcox from On The Tools and as a result of the two talks we’re looking forward to trying our hand at 1) vertical video, 2) video that works without sound, and 3) videos that are interesting in the first 30 seconds.  

Quick-fire round

  • 97% of mentions of your brand do not tag your page
  • Video will represent 82% of all IP traffic in 2021
  • User generated content is 5 times more likely to convert
  • Gen Z have an attention span of 8 seconds and 73% of them feel they have a close relationship with an influencer
  • When it comes to influencer marketing good content + right community + correct CTA = conversion

Were you at this year’s Social Day? What was your best tip from the festival? Let us know over on Twitter at @ContentCal_io

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