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ContentCal How-To: Managing content in a Crisis

Blog Post Author – Andy
Andy29th March 2020

In uncertain times, it's absolutely critical to have complete control over your content marketing strategy.

When faced with a crisis orientated situation, it's important to have one single source of truth that helps you quickly understand your entire publishing schedule across all of your different content channels.

Throughout the course of this blog and in this video, we will go through the features that will help you manage crisis communication within ContentCal.

Calendar View

Within ContentCal, you've got total visibility of all of the content that's going out across all of your channels, not just social, but incorporating e-mails, blogs press releases, etc.

Within the ContentCal calendar view, you have visibility of;

Who is creating that content within the team Exactly what's planned to be shared The ability to interrogate the links and the media attached to each post The stage of approval each piece of content is at All comments and collaboration from the team around each post

Initially, if a crisis strikes, the first step is to understand the situation. Within ContentCal you have the clarity you need and as a result, total control. At this point you might want to take the opportunity to use the ‘Pause all content’ feature before you take appropriate next steps.

Pausing Content

Once you pause the content, nothing will be published, so this gives you an opportunity to rethink your content strategy and then take appropriate actions before resuming the schedule.


Talking of appropriate actions, communication in a crisis situation requires a measured approach. As such, you will likely want to get a broader team involved in the process to ensure total alignment of the communication strategy. Within each post in ContentCal, the ‘comments’ section allows you to get thoughts and contributions from the wider team into the content, simplifying communication around content and providing an audit trail of changes as amendments and are ‘marked as resolved.’

Approval Processes

Content approval processes have always been a favourite feature of our customers, but when we are dealing with a situation that is out of the ordinary, we an take advantage of the inherent flexibility in the approval flows so we can change approval processes as we go.

Typically, you want to have a simple sign-off process, but now, in a more crisis orientated situation, you might want to get other members of the team to have oversight on this, be it HR, or be it the C-level executives.

Within the ‘Members and Approvers’ section, you can invite other members of the team and give them certain permissions to ensure key stakeholders can get the final say before something goes out.

Ultimately, when you're in a crisis orientated situation, the microscope goes on to the communication that you're putting out, so it's critical that you have everyone's thoughts and their oversight on it before anything is published.

Day, Week and Monthly Views

Now that we understand where we are with our content plan and have tied in additional team members to start re-crafting the narrative, it’s time to step back and have a broader look at our overall content plan.

Looking at the month view, we're able to look at how all of our campaigns are unfolding, we can see the events that are happening and the other initiatives we've got planned. At this point we can make some decisions to shift some of the planned campaigns into later weeks.

In conclusion

These features within ContentCal are designed to help you better manage and control your crisis communication strategy.

Ultimately it comes down to having a single source of truth and the ability to tie in more team members into the processand to ensure you get more eyes on it, more collaboratio,n and are ultimately creating content that's sensitive yet also achieves your business aims.

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