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Clickbait: The pros and cons you need to know

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
Kirsty8th July 2020

Clickbait is a controversial tactic used by bloggers, businesses, and the media to get more eyes on their content. While its use is often effective in bringing traffic to a particular source, there are still lots of drawbacks to take into consideration.

Clickbait: The Pros

On clickbait, Neil Patel states, “When done correctly, it’s one of the best ways to get people to take notice and give you their most precious asset: attention.”

Clickbait is great for spicing up headlines and titles to encourage people to click through to your content. The world of social media is incredibly saturated so it can often be hard to stand out and persuade the public to click when you’re competing with thousands of other publishers for your audience’s attention.

Time is incredibly valuable. Unless your content appears to be unique and interesting, people won’t be willing to take the time to read. This is when using clickbait tactics could be a good move for your business.

Clickbait: The Cons

You won’t form a loyal audience

Clickbait can encourage your audience to click, but if they’re left feeling disappointed or deceived by your headline then they’re unlikely to return to your website or engage with your content in the future. Your content won’t be shared with others and ultimately is unlikely to bring any joy or value to the reader.

If you want to see how much engagement your content is getting currently, make use of our engagement rate calculator.

The algorithms won’t love you

Using clickbait titles might bring you a lot of traffic, but when your audience ‘wise-up’ and realize that your content isn’t delivering exactly as you promised, they’re likely to leave your website pretty quickly (and probably never return). Facebook, for example, will judge your website’s quality based on a number of factors. If your bounce rate is abnormally high then their algorithm is likely to penalize your content and make it even harder for you to get noticed.

People won’t trust your business

In essence, clickbait is a deception that will prevent you from growing a loyal and trusting audience. If your business needs to sell a product or service, the content you create should avoid being clickbaity at all costs. If potential customers read your content and can’t trust what you say, they’re unlikely to make any purchases.

What are your thoughts on clickbait? Okay if it’s a minor exaggeration or a big no-no in any situation? Let us know over on Twitter @ContentCal_io

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