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Andy’s Roundup: Hiding Likes to increase post volume and Netflix breaks the internet

Andy10th December 2019

Each week our Growth Director, Andy Lambert puts together a brief overview of social media news for the past week. So what happened last week?

Facebook has a theory that hiding ‘likes’ will increase post volume

🤔 What happened?

Instagram hiding likes could actually be an exercise in increasing post volume

💡 My take

There’s word internally at facebook that getting rid of ‘likes’ may be an effective tactic for getting users to post more original content on Instagram.

The theory goes that by hiding like counts, users may feel less self-conscious when they post photos or videos that don’t receive many likes.

This, in turn, may serve as a catalyst for getting users to post more often, resulting in people spending more time on the platform, and creating more inventory for Ads.

Is this cynical or is hiding likes a real approach to help solve mental wellness issues?

Publishers see opportunity in Instagram Shopping

🤔 What happened?

Instagram shopping gets rolled out to publishers

💡 My take

Instagram shopping was previously reserved for brands and influencers, but now publishers are getting access to start monetizing their followers by making their posts and stories shoppable.

These publishers are also making use of Instagram’s ‘drop’ feature to alert followers as to when products become available to buy.

This proves the old adage; ‘Where eyes go, money flows’.

Netflix jumps in on sex meme

🤔 What happened?

The Netflix social media team have broken the Internet. Again

💡 My take

Netflix is no stranger to sexual euphemisms — ‘Netflix and chill,’ anyone? — and now the streaming service is making it OK for other brands to get in on the action.

In a tweet on Thursday, Netflix asked, “What’s something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand twitter account?” 100,000+ retweets later, thousands of household brands have chimed in to show their cheeky side.

There’s too many to pick a favorite so have a read here Caution, you’ll lose an hour.

Andy does a round-up of social media news every week. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn to get it first.

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