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Andy's Round-Up: Youtube adds video chapters and Facebook explores longer lasting stories

Andy21st April 2020

New Instagram stickers to help small businesses

🤔 What happened?

Instagram is introducing new stickers to help restaurants, and small businesses continue serving customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

💡 My take

Instagram have announced two different types of stickers. The first one gives your audience the ability to make orders or buy gift cards, or donate to your company. It's a fantastic way of driving conversions through really interactive stickers but it's also great for businesses who have been affected by what's going on right now. Restaurants have the ability to do orders directly through Instagram, people can buy gift cards for services that can't be rendered at the moment like hairdressing, or audiences can simply be encouraged to donate to worthwhile causes.

View Instagram live streams on the web

🤔 What happened?

After rolling out access to Direct messages via the web last week, Instagram is now also giving users the option to view Instagram Live broadcasts on desktop PCs, which comes with a new, less intrusive format, and URLs to cross-promote your streams.

💡 My take

Instagram has also brought Instagram Live to the desktop, which is a really important step for increasing the accessibility of Instagram Live and increasing it's consumption. We all know that live stream consumption is currently up 66% as we reported previously, so this is another important and useful step to help this grow even further. It's fantastic to see how quickly social media platforms are innovating in light of the situation we're all currently facing.

Court ruling suggests users making public Instagram posts lose some ownership rights to their photo

🤔 What happened?

In a landmark social media case, photographer Stephanie Sinclair lost her copyright lawsuit against Ziff Davis and Mashable for the online news company's use of one of her pictures, as US District Judge Kimba Wood found that by publicly posting a photo on Instagram users make their work available for others to share via embed.

💡 My take

There was a recent legal case involving the publisher Mashable who published a photograph that was posted on Instagram from a photographer. The photographer raised a case against Mashable for using one of her photos from Instagram. The case was thrown out stating that Mashable hadn't breached copyright laws because the post had been shared publicly. That sets a very interesting new precedent and just serves as a timely reminder for all of us content creators that the moment we've uploaded content it no longer belongs to us. It's a very interesting thing to consider.

Youtube is rolling out video chapters

🤔 What happened?

Chapters are starting to show up for some YouTube viewers on some channels. They're generated based on the timestamps that creators include in their video's description, where they specify, for example, that you'll find an intro at 0:00, a review at 1:32, a pros and cons list at 6:54, and a conclusion at 9:10.

💡 My take

There have been some really important updates from Youtube. Firstly, they're introducing 'chapters' in videos for anyone that is producing long-form video content. We do a lot of them here at ContentCal where we post maybe 10-15 minute videos where we cover lots of things in a 'how-to' tutorial. Chapters would make it really simple for us to break the content up so our users can skip to the part they're most interested in. This is live now, so we'll be making use of this in the future.

Youtube makes its 'Video Builder' tool available to more businesses

🤔 What happened?

Video Builder enables anyone to create good looking video content based on still images, existing video assets, templates, and even stock music clips to finish.

💡 My take

Secondly from Youtube, they've announced a new video creation tool that is currently in trial and slowly being rolled out. It's a free tool which allows you to create really simple videos out of still images and clips. It's quite similar to other paid products for offer such as Wave.Video or Lumen 5 which I talk about quite a lot. Both of these tools are really helpful for speeding up video creation where potentially you don't have the video content to make use of. Youtube have essentially announced a free version of this type of tool and I think that's really cool. Go ahead and search 'video creation tool from Youtube' and you might well get access to it as it's currently being rolled out. It's a fantastic step for Youtube and there's so much value being offered free from social media networks at the moment.

Top tip: If you're looking to get involved in IGTV, you can easily re-use your Youtube videos. If you're looking for a Youtube to IGTV converter, we've got just the blog.

Facebook is testing longer-lasting Stories

🤔 What happened?

With the Stories format slowly gaining traction on Facebook, The Social Network looks to be experimenting with a new option that could increase Stories views - and potentially make them a more interesting proposition for the older Facebook audience.

💡 My take

Facebook is testing the ability to have stories that would typically last 24 hours to last 3 days. We know that Facebook has an older age demographic, so they're experimenting with the idea that stories could last longer than 24 hours. Personally, I don't have the chance to check social media on a daily basis so I think that experimenting with the lifespan of a story is a good move.

Andy does a round-up of social media news every week. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn to get it first.

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