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Andy's Round-Up: Youtube launches new analytics tools and Snapchat welcomes brand profiles

Andy21st July 2020

Instagram Reels to roll out to more than 50 countries

🤔 What happened?

Facebook is speeding up its plans to roll out Instagram Reels as TikTok is facing growing scrutiny. The feature could be coming to the US in early August.

💡 My take

Instagram 'Reels' is about to be rolled out to 50 countries. If you're not already aware, Instagram Reels is a competitor to TikTok to this is going to be available to everyone from the beginning to middle of August. So, if Instagram is your channel and you're familiar with the content forms on TikTok then start thinking about how you can use this for your audience. I will bet my bottom dollar that Instagram will be taking TikTok's market share here.

Instagram rolls out Instagram Shop section in Explore

🤔 What happened?

Instagram announced the rollout of Instagram Shop – a place for users to shop from brands and creators within Explore.

💡 My take

Instagram has rolled out the 'Shop' tab within the 'Explore' section of the app. The 'Shop' tab will take the space of the 'Activity' section within the primary navigation. This just goes to show how significant Instagram Shop is going to be to the overall app experience. Also, in the US, Instagram is also testing the ability to buy products directly on Instagram so that's going to be coming to the UK and wider markets very soon.

Youtube adds data on other videos watched by your viewers and more

🤔 What happened?

Last week, YouTube previewed a coming addition to YouTube Studio which will provide creators with a listing of other videos that their viewers have watched on the platform, not created by them, adding a new level of context to their audience research efforts.

💡 My take

Youtube has launched new Analytics tools which allows you to look at the videos that your viewers have watched from other creators. This will help you get a feel for your audience's interests so I think that's a really good move. Also, Youtube is providing Analytics on the engagement of your videos, showing you if people are dropping off when watching 60% or 70% of it, for example. This will help you improve the types of contact you talk about, potentially the length of your video, and what's contained within your actual video content.

Google launches 'Shoploop'

🤔 What happened?

Area 120, Google’s in-house lab for experimental projects, has launched Shoploop, a video shopping platform that mixes entertainment and online shopping.

💡 My take

Sticking with the Google suite of products, Google has launched 'Shoploop' which is an entertainment focussed shopping experience. This is brand new from Google and they launched it only just last week. Currently, this is only available on mobile devices, but if you are in the e-commerce space and orientate towards a B2C audience then this is definitely one to check out.

LinkedIn adds more quick creation options in post composer

🤔 What happened?

Most users are now seeing six different custom post creation options at the bottom of their LinkedIn composer, which is in variance to the same from earlier this year.

💡 My take

Now finally LinkedIn has given you some more post creation options. Whenever you're using LinkedIn, you've got 6 different types of content suggestions. This means that you can share a teammate, recommend a profile, or add a poll. This is all part of LinkedIn's strategy to increase content creation, which incidentally is up 60% over the last 3 months. You'll see more and more tools coming from LinkedIn trying to encourage people to share more and more.

Brands can now have their own profiles on Snapchat

🤔 What happened?

Snapchat brand profiles will let some brands have their own profiles as part of a beta test, before offering it to all brands later this year.

💡 My take

Moving onto Snapchat, brands can now have their own profile on Snapchat. We've not heard much about Snapchat of late, but with 380 million monthly active users, it's definitely still a key player in the social media space. Now they are making the app more friendly for brands to play on there too so that's really interesting.

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