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Andy's Round-Up: Twitter says user numbers are up and Facebook announces grant program

Andy24th March 2020

Facebook announces grant program to help SMBs impacted by COVID-19

🤔 What happened?

Facebook announced it’s investing $100 million in cash grants and ad credits to help 30,000 small businesses in over 30 countries where it operates.

💡 My take

Facebook has just announced a $100 million grant to help small businesses - not just those related to social media, but businesses in general. It's a really incredible initiative from Facebook.

Nextdoor releases two new features to help cope with coronavirus pandemic

🤔 What happened?

To help cope with the Coronavirus pandemic, Nextdoor, the neighborhood social media platform, releases two new features: Groups and Help Map.

💡 My take

Nextdoor have released a couple of new features to help families and communities amidst this crisis. Nextdoor is an app and a social network that we've not spoken about before in these round-ups but now really seems to be the time for this network to boom. I use Nextdoor myself and personally I think it's fantastic so it's definitely one to keep an eye on.

LinkedIn introduces conversation ads messaging-based ad format

🤔 What happened?

LinkedIn is rolling out a new messaging-based ad format, called Conversation Ads, ideal for B2B marketers who want to turn conversations into conversions.

💡 My take

LinkedIn has announced conversation-based ads. This builds on the LinkedIn sponsored InMail content, so rather than just messaging people and blanketing them with InMails, you now have the ability to kind of take your customers on a journey to download different whitepapers and have some form of bot-like interaction. LinkedIn are building a lot around LinkedIn message-based sponsored posts and, you know, we haven't seen great success with those in the past. Maybe now is a chance for them to thrive.

Twitter says user numbers are up but warns of revenue impacts

🤔 What happened?

As you might expect, Twitter is seeing a lot more usage amid the COVID-19 lockdowns across the world - but that doesn't, however, mean that Twitter's making more money as a result, according to a new update from the company.

💡 My take

So let's talk about the growth of social media. So Twitter have announced an increase in the number of users on the platform. They haven't told us exactly how many, but now seems to be the time for Twitter when it comes to numbers. We're sure to see a huge spike in terms of usage on this social media platform.

Nielsen explains how COVID-19 could impact media usage across the US

🤔 What happened?

Nielsen is not officially forecasting the COVID-19 pandemic will increase TV viewing to levels associated with historical crises. But it does note that U.S. consumers have traditionally turned to the TV during troubling times.

💡 My take

And for the final update, Nielsen are reporting a 66% increase in live-stream consumption. It's not massively surprising but we do expect to see the views of stories and live videos really ramp up over the upcoming three months as well as we all try to figure out what the new normal looks like.

Andy does a round-up of social media news every week. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn to get it first.

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