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Andy's Round-Up: TikTok to add parental controls and Facebook will pay you for data

Andy25th February 2020

🤔 What happened?

TikTok videos can be funny, and they surely are huge mood boosters. But if you are not careful with your kid's viewing activities, they may end up watching content they should not.

💡 My take

TikTok have rolled out parental controls. While from a business perspective that's not massively relevant, what it is showing us is the maturing of that platform now that it's moving into a more Western environment. Typically, as we see with most social media and technology platforms, they start in the East, most notably around China, and gradually gravitate Westwards. And now that's what we're seeing with TikTok as they now have 800 million daily active users. 300 million of those are in China alone so we are very much starting to see that expand across the globe. And now the maturing of the platform with all of these new controls, which are very much needed, shows that it's very much here to stay.

Snapchat introduces swipe up call to ad format in the US

🤔 What happened?

After introducing a new swipe up to call ad format in the Middle East late last year, Snapchat is now expanding it to the US as well.

💡 My take

Now, talking of growth trajectories on newer platforms, Snapchat is another one that, to be honest, doesn't get much media attention these days but it's still growing at an incredible pace. It's not growing as quickly as TikTok but that's to be expected. Snapchat is now maturing into a place for people to do business. Now they've just rolled out the 'call to action' on their ads which could be, for example, the 'swipe up to call'. Now, that's a really interesting piece of technology on the advertising product, because now it takes it away from it being a traditional digital product where people might just inquire on their phones to now being able to actually to scroll up, swipe up and then call that advertiser. Now, this isn't just a test like most of these products end up being. This is based on some success they've seen in the Middle East that Snapchat is now rolling out to all of the US. So this is actually showing a really interesting thing whereby we're seeing the maturing of Snapchat as an advertising and business-related product, where 2-3 years ago it was being dismissed as, 'oh, it's just for kids and there's no business value in it', which is very much the kind of criticism that's levied at TikTok. So you can really see those comparisons and synergies there for those two stories.

Facebook will pay you for your data

🤔 What happened?

Facebook will offer to pay some users for voice recordings that will be used to help improve its speech recognition technology, the company announced Thursday.

💡 My take

Now, the third key piece of news is that Facebook are now paying you for voice recordings. Data is the new gold. It's an interesting paradox now, because whilst we're a very privacy concerned culture, what we're now doing is inviting these smart speakers into our home and ultimately giving them our data. Facebook are being very open about this and saying that actually, we're gonna pay you for this data, pay you to help harness and improve our AI. Now smart speakers and voice search are very much here to stay and voice optimizing your content is going to be a critical move going forward, but it's also, as I say, an interesting paradox between privacy and ease of use.

🤔 What happened?

LinkedIn is rolling out a new Featured section on profiles, allowing members to showcase the work they are most proud of.

💡 My take

LinkedIn continues to improve its usefulness as a platform. They just rolled out a 'Featured' section whereby you can now feature your top-performing content, be it posts, articles you've written, etc. So rather than people finding your profile and looking at things that you posted most recently, you can now feature the content that you are most proud of on your profile. So once again, it's LinkedIn becoming a really nice destination for you to portray your best work and get found in a really nice organic way. So we're loving LinkedIn at the moment and we're seeing fantastic growth from it. I'd recommend everyone going on their LinkedIn profiles and giving them a bit of a lick of paint, showing their top-performing content and optimizing those profiles accordingly.

Andy does a round-up of social media news every week. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn to get it first.

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