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Andy's Round-Up: Snapchat Cameos, Pinterest Trends, and Twitter blocking replies

Andy14th January 2020

Snapchat launches Cameos

🤔 What happened?

Snapchat's Cameos feature allows users to become the star of their own short, looping videos that they can send to friends in Chat.

💡 My take

Snapchat has now launched a new feature called Cameos which is the result of an acquisition for $166 million. Now essentially, Cameos is what you'd term 'deepfakes', where you can superimpose your selfies onto that video. Now that's really going to push the creative boundaries of social media marketers. But, just like we've seen everything throughout Snap's career over the last five years in transitioning from teenagers into a B2C capacity and into a B2B capacity, this could be another interesting feature to keep an eye on over time.

🤔 What happened?

Pinterest Trends (currently in beta) is a new tool that will give a view of the top US search terms within the past 12 months, and a look into when top search terms peak to you can better understand how content performs on Pinterest.

💡 My take

Pinterest has always been a bit forgotten around the social media world, despite its growth. They've launched Pinterest trends, which is really just the same thing as Google trends, but for Pinterest, but it is really useful for you to be able to see what is performing well on that platform. So, if Pinterest marketing is your thing then you definitely want to check this out.

Twitter's new ad unit, Promoted Trend Spotlight, lets advertisers take over the Explore tab

🤔 What happened?

Twitter’s new ad unit – Promoted Trend Spotlight – lets advertisers take over the coveted Explore tab with six-second videos, GIFs, or static images.

💡 My take

Update three is regarding Twitter as they've just launched a new ad unit which lets you take over the explore tab. The Explore tab in Twitter is a really important area because essentially that's where users go for them to find out new information and consume new content. This has been a really good growth area for Twitter in the past and now they're putting the ad unit on it. Ad units within Twitter have historically been pretty dull to be honest and personally we've never made Twitter ads work very well for our business. As a result, this could be a good option to explore, especially in the early days for an extra bump in engagement.

Twitter to test 'block all replies' function

🤔 What happened?

Twitter has said it will test new features that allow users to control who can reply to their posts - or block replies entirely.

💡 My take

Another update from Twitter and it's a really simple one as they have now given their users the ability to block comments. This is really important in helping everyone feel safe when using Twitter. This is just another way that Twitter can keep people engaging and interacting on the platform, which historically has been a bit of an issue in the past.

New LinkedIn share buttons

🤔 What happened?

LinkedIn has added new share buttons for sharing updates with specified individuals.

💡 My take

Only recently saw this but supposedly there are new share buttons and you can essentially take an update and share that with a certain individual. So LinkedIn just made that a bit clearer. That's really important for you building your content and making sure it's shareable.

Andy does a round-up of social media news every week. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn to get it first.

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