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Andy's Round-Up: New features for LinkedIn Company Pages and TikTok partners with Teespring

Andy8th September 2020

Quote tweets get their own counter

🤔 What happened?

Twitter is finally adding a new quote tweets counter which lets you see how many times a tweet has been retweeted with a comment. It also makes easier than ever to search for and view all the quoted tweets in one place.

💡 My take

Twitter has announced a 'retweet with comment' feature making it easy for you to follow the thread of a conversation. You've always been able to retweet with a comment, but now there's going to be a counter underneath tweets, which allows you to follow all the commentary around a retweet. This makes it much better for conversations and is another sign of Twitter doing something again to encourage more engagement and more consumption on the platform.

TikTok partners with Teespring

🤔 What happened?

TikTok is partnering with commerce platform Teespring to let creators sell merchandise directly through its app.

💡 My take

TikTok is venturing into the e-commerce world in partnership with a company called Teespring. They're allowing creators on TikTok to start selling their merchandise. It's a bit toe in the water regarding e-commerce, but considering all of the big moves that Facebook and Instagram are making around the e-commerce and the growth of e-commerce (as you can expect right now), it's fairly clear to see that TikTok are not going to be far behind.

🤔 What happened?

Google is adding a new “licensable” badge to images for which a publisher or creator provides licensing information.

💡 My take

The third news story today is from Google. Google image search is going to make it a lot clearer for you to see the licensing details behind an image. Often times we pick images from Google search and it's a bit of a grey area as to what you can or what you can't use. Google is aware of that and now making it easier for you to understand the images that are okay for you to use, and the licensing requirements of those images.

LinkedIn introduces new 'My Company' tab

🤔 What happened?

The My Company Tab allows Page Admins to build a stronger employee community allowing them to connect with colleagues on a deeper level.

💡 My take

Moving onto my favorite network now; LinkedIn. There are two interesting updates that are rolling out as we speak but not everyone has them available right now. Within the Company Page on LinkedIn, you'll see a 'My Company' tab. This will be the place that stores all of your previous company updates that you've posted to LinkedIn. Your staff can now go ahead and share that content to their own feeds which is a great move towards encouraging employee advocacy. We're still seeing businesses dipping their toe into the water employer advocacy, but I think it's a real untapped area of potential, especially for B2B businesses.

LinkedIn introduces new Events tab

🤔 What happened?

The “Events” Tab allows Page Admins to showcase any upcoming events to drive engagement with an organization’s target audiences.

💡 My take

LinkedIn has also announced a new 'Events' tab, which will make it easier (just like we saw with the 'My Company' tab), to see all of the events that you're running as a business. This is great for enabling you to drive traffic to your events. What I've noticed on LinkedIn this week is that they're really prioritizing the publication of those events in the feed. So there's a really good opportunity here as it looks like LinkedIn is really pushing Events at the moment.

Andy does a round-up of social media news every week. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn to get it first.

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