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Andy's Round-Up: Facebook adds new paid event options and Twitter expand reply-limiting feature

Andy18th August 2020

Facebook adds new paid event options

🤔 What happened?

Facebook is launching a new paid events option in order to provide another way for businesses to generate direct income amid the COVID-19 crisis.

💡 My take

Facebook has rolled out the ability for you to charge for events so you can now sell tickets for events, and drive revenue from that. Don't forget that Facebook have also recently rolled out the ability for you to live stream directly to Facebook events. This now gives you a fantastic opportunity for you to start to monetize your content in a number of ways. I think this is a great update and it's just rolled out for 20 countries including the UK so go ahead and check it out.

Facebook is testing post-level analytics for Groups

🤔 What happened?

Facebook is adding another new feature for groups, with a new post-level analytics option which will provide more context as to how people are engaging with group updates.

💡 My take

Facebook Groups is a key element for Facebook in its mission to increase engagement on the platform, so they are keen that people get active in growing their communities. For that reason, they've rolled out new analytics tools for group admins. The most important one I think is around 'engaged users'. You can now see who has been most active in the last 28 days and more importantly who's been inactive over the last 28 days. So that's a really important piece of analytics. I know for us, because we run a group ourselves, we'll be checking that one out.

Facebook extends branded content tag to public Groups

🤔 What happened?

Admins can now publish posts in partnership with or on behalf of advertisers

💡 My take

Facebook have now rolled out the ability for you to do branded sponsorship within a group. That little tag, which tells your community that this post is part of a sponsored or paid for promotion, can now be used within a Facebook Groups. So if you've got an active community and want to drive revenue through sponsorship, this is great for transparency reasons.

Twitter is rolling out reply-limiting feature globally

🤔 What happened?

Twitter is making its reply-limiting feature available to all users. It gives you complete control over who can reply to your tweets.

💡 My take

Moving onto Twitter, they have now given you the ability to limit who can reply to tweets with the aim of encouraging more people to share content now that Twitter feels like more of a safe space. So you can now choose whether just your followers can reply, the people you're following can reply, or everyone can reply. It's a useful update, but it's quite contrary to how social media works. We'll see if this increases engagement on Twitter and increases the quality of content on the platform as Twitter needs some good news as they are going through a difficult time at the moment.

Google rolls out virtual visiting card in India

🤔 What happened?

Google has rolled out a new Search feature in India that enables influencers, entrepreneurs, freelancers or anyone else who wants to be easily discovered online create a virtual visiting card in what appears to be the company’s latest attempt to add more LinkedIn-esque functionalities into its search engine.

💡 My take

Google have announced that they're testing 'People Cards'. This is only in India at the moment but this is a potential rival to LinkedIn where essentially you're creating your own personal profile on Google, kind of like SEO for yourself. This is a really interesting approach. This just goes to show that Google are very much not done with their social media ambitions. Google+ might have been closed down, but I think 'People Cards' is their first sign going back towards the social media space.

Google adds new options to edit your Google My Business profile direct from Search and Maps

🤔 What happened?

As part of Google's ongoing efforts help businesses manage their online presence amid COVID-19, it's now adding some new options within Search and Maps which will enable business owners to manage their Google My Business presence direct from these more commonly used tools.

💡 My take

Speaking of Google and social media, let's talk about Google My Business for our final news story. Google My Business is such an important thing for businesses to be able to create a really solid web presence and is great for local SEO. Google My Business has just made it easier for you to update your status and update your details using a Google Search or using Google Maps without needing to login to your Google My Business account.

Don't forget that you can also publish content to keep your Google My Business account fresh. You can use ContentCal to continually publish content to your Google MyBusiness account. I'd definitely implore anyone to if they haven't already, to make sure they set their business up on Google My Business.

Andy does a round-up of social media news every week. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn to get it first.

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