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Andy's Round-Up: Facebook tests brand loyalty program and Instagram launches co-watching

Andy2nd April 2020

Coronavirus sparks jump in social media use

🤔 What happened?

It’s official: The COVID-19 outbreak is making us spend more time on all those platforms we’re already addicted to, according to a study from Obviously.

💡 My take

The first update is around social media in general. We've seen an increase in the usage and consumption of social media which is not a massive surprise, but the rate is pretty significant at a 66% increase in livestream consumption across social media channels. Also, for people who are advertising on social, because there are fewer advertisers out there, people are reporting fantastic costs for running ads so we're seeing fantastic CPMs and CPAs. If you do have a message to share on social then now is the time to advertise at the most cost-effective rate. Also from the same report, we can see that there's been an increase in the use of organic social media to publish messages. I found this pretty interesting actually because it's gone full circle now where lots of people would extol the fact that social media is just a pay-to-play game now, but actually, in times where communication is absolutely critical, organic content remains the most critical way of maintaining communication and a relationship with the community.

TikTok adds new analytics tools for Creator Marketplace

🤔 What happened?

In March, TikTok added some new metrics to its Creator Marketplace, a platform for finding influencers for collaboration based on topics, location and reach.

💡 My take

TikTok have added a bunch of new analytics tools to their Creator Marketplace. This just shows a continual evolution of TikTok as a platform into something that's more business orientated. So if your audience are on TikTok, then you've got much more data to play with to make sure that the content you're putting out (and we're talking paid content here) is achieving your objectives.

Facebook tests brand loyalty programs

🤔 What happened?

The platform is testing a new option that would allow businesses to connect with the members of their brand loyalty programs on Facebook.

💡 My take

Facebook has announced (and they're testing this for the moment) a way to have a brand set up a 'Brand Loyalty Program'. What this means, is that if you use a certain brand's products, you can sign up for that loyalty program and when you start to talk about that brand on social you can start accumulating discounts. This is very early on in its testing phrase but I really like this because it shows a much more genuine way to achieve influence for a brand rather that paying someone x amount to put out a post. As opposed to using someone's commercial interest to promote a product, this method involves getting genuine advocates of a product who actually use it, to share their experiences. It's a fantastic way to create genuine influence for a brand.

You can now co-watch posts during Instagram video chats

🤔 What happened?

Instagram launched a new feature that lets you co-watch posts with your friends when on a video chat together.

💡 My take

You might have seen this already, but Instagram has announced a co-watching feature that allows you to video chat a friend while you're looking through a feed. It's a really interesting move from Instagram. Personally, I love it, and I think it's going to start a new trend within social media platforms with a much more collaborative approach to the way we consume content. It's definitely something to watch as I think it's soon to be replicated by other platforms.

WhatsApp tests 'search the web'

🤔 What happened?

WhatsApp is testing a feature that could make it simpler for its 2 billion users to tell whether the assertion made in messages they have received is true.

💡 My take

WhatsApp is continuing to fight misinformation. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we've seen an increase in the usage of DMs across all platforms which has caused a huge amount of misinformation and it's a threat that's running through all of the social media platforms at the moment. What WhatsApp is testing is the ability to search any articles that you've been sent on the web to immediately verify whether it's true or not. I'm sure we've all seen for ourselves the amount of nonsense that's proliferated across social media lately. We definitely welcome any move from any platform to help fight the spread of misinformation, which is a virus in itself, to be honest.

Andy does a round-up of social media news every week. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn to get it first.

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