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What we can learn from Marie Kondo about social media marketing

There is so much wisdom in Marie Kondo’s method that it can pretty much be applied to anything, including social media marketing.

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10 ways to get more likes on Instagram

Here are 10 ideas and tactics that can help you to get more likes on Instagram as one of the most important social media platforms

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How to bring your social media strategy to life with character-driven storytelling

Characters have lasting impact because people like them and/or identify with them, and stories don’t need to be flawless masterpieces for that to happen

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5 Ways to use ContentCal's Calendar Notes

Calendar Notes provide a handy area for leaving date-specific information.

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The increasing call for social media regulation: why and how?

It’s been an ongoing discussion for a number of years, but the evidence supporting social media regulation only continues to mount.

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What is influencer marketing and why are people complaining about it?

An influencer can't be defined simply by their large following but by their ability to encourage this following to try new things or understand new perspectives

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4 fantastic ways to use ContentCal's Campaign Folders

ContentCal’s Campaign folders are simple storage folders that can be accessed under the Campaigns tab from within your Social Media Content Calendar.

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How to do content amplification with ContentCal

Content amplification with ContentCal

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6 steps to creating the perfect content plan in ContentCal

We want to simplify the entire process of content creation from start to finish and consider planning content to be an essential part of social media marketing

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Twitter trending: What is it and how to get in on the action

What’s the trending section on your Twitter account all about? What makes it tick? How can you use the Twitter trending section to your advantage?

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ContentCal's Custom Planning Channels - What are they good for?

Custom Planning Channels are extra channels you can add to your ContentCal

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How to run a social media competition

Here’s your step by step to running a social media competition with all the smoothness of a seasoned jazz band.

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