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25 Content ideas to feed your creative spirit

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
Kirsty30th January 2020

Is your social media content getting a little stale? Not to worry, here's 25 fresh content ideas to bring your channels back to life.

Give your audience a different perspective on your product, service, or business

For example, if you run a coffee shop, show where the beans come from, how they are bought, and the process required to create the granules.

Getting to know you

Talk about late-night pitch preparation, last-minute order fulfillment, or what you are working on today.

A Day in the Life

If you work in a team, give colleagues an opportunity to do ‘a day in the life.’ Introduce them, explain their role and what they do.

Launching a new product, service, or initiative?

Ask your followers to help you decide on which way to go - great for market research as well as engagement.

Give your audience a useful tip, trick or tactic

Everyone’s got their ‘go-to’ tactics. What are yours?

Have something that you are battling with?

Ask your audience and run a poll. People generally like contributing, you get social engagement, and you get free market research. We call that a win.

Show your work environment

It might be your office, a coffee shop, a car or a train. Ask your followers to share where they're working from today.

Photo sharing

Encourage your audience to share a picture, but in a broader context of your industry and focus on encouraging engagement.

Share an opinion that you know will split the audience

People will have strong views on controversial topics and will feel compelled to comment and tag others. The next point is obvious but essential; avoid any opinions that involve race, religion, sexual orientation, or politics.

Share what you do in your downtime

Whether it’s running, cycling or settling down with a cup of tea and a good book. Social Media is social, so the more ‘human’, the better.

Stay relevant

Use awareness days and national holidays as a way to jump on trends. You could keep your audience up to date on the newest apps and tools by reviewing apps such as Squad app.

Tools of the Trade

Share the products you use daily and why you couldn't live without them. Remember to tag the company you’re talking about for additional reach.

What are you working on?

What’s upcoming in your business? What are you focussing on right now? How are they benefitting you and your business? Sharing this on social media will help people understand your business and subtly promote what’s coming.

The Challenge

Think about what you do as a business and how you help people, then break this process down into a 5-day micro challenge.

The Competition Giveaway

Ideas for a competition could be a ‘prize for guessing when we hit X many followers’ or a topical question based on your industry where the nearest answer wins.


What blogs, books, and podcasts are you enjoying right now and how are they benefitting you and your business? Tell all, and make sure to tag the creator.

Ask the Audience

Looking for a new CRM system, a new book to read, or the best way to do something? Be a conversation starter.

Look at what’s trending on Twitter and give your take.

Significant Moments

Share what’s going on and what’s going through your mind. Speak to the camera; the rawer, the better.

Location, Location, Location

Help your local coffee shop, blogger friend, or whomever by sharing why they’re your favorite on social. You can be sure that your efforts will be reciprocated.

Solve a Problem

Your target audience will have common challenges, and this is perfect for creating content such as top tips. It’s all about adding value.

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

An example would be getting your CEO involved, and giving your audience an opportunity to learn from them about everything there is to know about your industry.

Quote of the Day

Pick and publish your favorite quotes from a website like BrainyQuote.

Making the most of events

If you’re attending an event, post about your attendance and what you’re looking forward to. Tag the speakers and organizers too as they will likely have large communities.

Show the process of working with you

This is a perfect opportunity to create content around what it’s like to work with you. Get a customer on camera to talk about this from their perspective.

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