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Store assets, media and briefs

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Reduce costs

Chasing approvals, sourcing the right images and wading through endless client emails costs time and money. Customise the perfect workflow for your agency within ContentCal.

Win more clients

Make your agency standout. Simplify client approvals, improve collaboration and gain greater transparency with an at-a-glance overview of content across all channels.

Rapid adoption

Changing process can be hard. With a dedicated support team experienced in onboarding agency and client teams, our agency customers transform their workflow within 30 days.

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Powering Social Media for Agencies including

Integration to Social Networks

ContentCal integrates with Facebook (Pages), Twitter (Profiles), LinkedIn (Profiles + Pages) and Instagram (Via iOS app) for auto-publishing.

Calendar View

Forget the spreadsheets, bring planning and publishing together into a beautiful visual layout.

Content Previews

No more sending screenshots of posts to your clients, simply see previews of how the content will look before it’s posted.

Category Tags

The best content plans are the ones that are balanced. Create custom tags to make it easy to see which topics you're covering in your plan.

Create Multiple Client Calendars

Set up a separate calendar for each client with separate access rights and approval workflows.

Customisable Approval Workflows

Every client is different. Create the perfect process for each individual client.

Post Placeholders

Create draft posts in your calendar, great for planning upcoming content.

Post Backlog

Think of this as the ‘Idea Pinboard’, ideal for storing ideas from across your team and your clients, which can then be ‘dragged and dropped’ into your posting schedule.

Campaign Management

Map out the strategy and ensure your daily posting schedule is always aligned to your clients’ objectives.

Asset Library

Tired of searching Dropbox folders and emails for the right image? Store all relevant images and assets in the campaign folders.

Channel Notes

Log your ideas on a daily basis and keep your team aligned.

Custom Planning Channels

Collaborate on Blogs, Email, Press Releases and more, then plan out alongside your social content to see how the overall marketing plan fits together.

"It’s really helped us to work better as a team as I can easily go into the platform and see exactly what everyone has done and the status of each calendar."
Paul Beardsley - Managing Director at Noisy Bird Social Marketing
"Visibility has been improved across teams and straight-forward approval flows have removed ambiguity from the planning and approval process, allowing for greater control, improved workflow and increased quality in what is published to channels"
Lisa Barnett, Innovation and Content Director at The Social Element
"‘ContentCal has improved how our team operate. It has centralised control of the proofing and quality control process. Our team have picked it up quickly, the calendar view makes it simple to use and the day to day support has been good."
Jack Cunningham - Social Media Manager at Blue Frog
"The planning side is what makes ContentCal different. Ideas can now be stored in the backlog, upcoming events and drafts can be added as placeholders in the calendar and mapped alongside our campaigns."
Beckie Coupe - Managing Director at Infinity Digital
"ContentCal enables us to quickly and easily plan our activity, and view all of our content in one place. ContentCal is also great for collaboration and visibility across teams"
Peter Waugh - Head of CRM and Digital at ODEON
"The approval process of content is so much simpler using ContentCal. What could take a few days now takes far less time. Our improved workflow using ContentCal has both saved time and impressed clients."
Lloyd Palmer - Senior Account Manager at OST Marketing

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