Release Notes

Release notes for the ContentCal Platform start at version 4.0



  • Huge improvements have been made to Link Previews
  • We've prevented moving posts to other channels reduce post failures
  • We've removed the limit for Categories - you can now add as many as you like
  • Lot's of minor UI and functionality updates



  • ContentCal Whitelabel V1 launched to first client 👏


  • We've disabled link preview UI from Facebook posts due to the API update
  • Fixed Safari scroll bug
  • You can now Hide Category tags via tickbox in Settings
  • Minor UI updates to post limits
  • Max character limit for Linkedin now 1300 characters
  • Database optimization
  • Statistic (analytics) module improvements
  • Added hover state tooltip to custom channels to show the full title


  • Custom Input Planning Channels eg 'E-marketing'
  • New post / edit post layout updates
  • New channel note / edit channel note modal UI, Channel Notes UI ribbons
  • Custom Input Planning Channels Settings
  • Instagram posting updates


  • You can now add multiple Category Tags to posts
  • We've updated the layout when viewing all calendars based on feedback
  • Fixed issues with Activity page results
  • Serverside updates
  • s


  • - Ability to login from Marketing Site
  • - Updated Navigation (LION UI)
  • - Updates to connections - you can now 'reconnect' rather than disconnecting and connecting profiles - we've also made text updates to make things clearer
  • We've created a new email for when a re-connection is made - it now contains instructions
  • We've added more colours for category tags (5 increased to 10)
  • Various bug and stability fixes
  • Updates to Super Admin


  • - Updates to ACTIVITY page
  • - We've added imporvements to how videos are uploaded to networks that don't support those video types
  • - Added Default content for new users


  • - New feature: Category Tags
  • - Added in 'schedule another' UI hover state for calendar cell
  • - Added 'all content' dropdown back into the app on free plans


  • - Add new 'Return post to backlog' UI. You can now return posts to the backlog from within the Edit Post modal
  • - Added new 'Commented on' display mode from Publish, so you can filter out posts that have been commented on
  • - We've added Hover states for calendar cells to make it clearer for new users
  • - We've worked on some Instagram API upload issues
  • - Minor button and link UI updates in posting modals
  • - Minor text updates on branded emails


  • - New calendar limit settings in Super Admin
  • - Improved Linkedin Image titles
  • - Minor text and button updates
  • - Add in post original creator meta to edit post
  • - * Add fix for profile UI display on modal
  • - * Fix for database image issue