We are a Social Media Company.

Our mission is to enable any business to succeed with social media

The ContentCal journey started in 2014, when the idea for the product was simply a scribble on an A3 piece of paper. For years, planning social media content had been managed in word documents and spreadsheets in offices around the globe. We spotted an opportunity to make it better.

Since our early days in 2014 we’ve come a long way. We’ve built up an incredibly loyal fanbase and our product used by thousands of businesses across the globe.

Now, as a team of 20+ people, £650k in funding and a client list that grows nearly every day, our mission is to enable any business to succeed with social media.

Our Values

Dare to scale the “un-scalable"

ContentCal is a unique company. We are succeeding where many have failed in building both a services and product business. Dare to do work which doesn’t traditionality scale. Build for the long term.

Stay consistent with growth

As ContentCal grows, some things will inevitably change. However our work ethic, the way we treat eachother and the effort we put in should remain the same at 20 people, 200 people or 2000 people.

Be the teacher and the student

ContentCal is built on the ethos that everyone is capable of doing great work. Become the teacher and help people to win. Stay being the student and always be willing to learn and grow.

Be open-minded and embrace change

Startups move fast. They pivote and adapt. Be open to this. Be curious. Consider ideas that are not your own. Always try to look ahead and remember our mission.

“Design wide, let users decide”

Our product design philosophy is centered around multi-use cases and flexibility. Create patterns which allow our wide range of users to create custom flows, and processes suitable for their business.

Be obsessed

Challenge your motives in this company if you don’t love what you do. We are a team of obsessed designers, writers, managers and more. We love what we do and wouldn’t want to do anything else. Do you?