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The ContentCal VIP Platform will be set-up as a custom version based on your needs, requests and general processes for planning and publishing.

ContentCal VIP Platform

This includes a custom set-up of Organize + Publish Pro + Insights, custom users and calendars, custom approval flows and team collaboration features.

VIP support

Getting started with a new product can be daunting. That's why our support team are always on hand to ensure you get the most out of ContentCal.

Features to help your Agency win

Managing social media content across multiple clients can be difficult to control. When your time and attention is spread too thin, it can feel like you need three more people to get everything done. That's where ContentCal comes in...


Manage client approvals and minimise risk

Simply send your content for client approval through ContentCal. Our Platform's approval flows ensure every post has been vetted and approved prior to going live, meaning no more typos or unapproved posting.


See what your teams are working on

View every post that gets added or edited in any social calendar. Use the Activity feed to filter by keywords and tags and find posts with ease.


Re-post content

If your clients want certain content to be repeated, this can easily be achieved through our Re-Use feature. Make edits and attach new images to give older posts new life.


Store client image and video assets for easy access

Keep all media in one place. Store image and video assets in shared folders which can be easily accessed when ready to use.

"The approval process of content is so much simpler using ContentCal. What could take a few days now takes far less time. Our improved workflow using ContentCal has both saved time and impressed clients.”
- Lloyd Palmer, Senior Account Manager - OST Agency

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